Using the Windows OS Upgrade file/action, upgrade your Motorola and Zebra Windows Rugged devices remotely. By creating a product containing the OS Upgrade file/action, you can upgrade all your devices without having them shipped back to you.


For Windows Rugged devices, all OS upgrade files are restricted access files and require a valid user account with Motorola to log in with a valid device serial number. The OS upgrade files are specific to both device model and OS version. The Workspace ONE ™ UEM OS upgrade process uses the APF files and requires the administrator to first install the MSP Package Builder utility.

This utility is required to extract the contents of the APF file into individual components that are then pushed to the device and used to upgrade the OS.

Important: The Windows Rugged OS Upgrade method requires the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub v5.3+ for Windows Rugged devices.

To use the Windows Rugged OS Upgrade, you must have the following:

  • The MSP Package Builder utility installed on your computer.
  • A Motorola user account to download the OS Upgrade.
  • The serial number for the device you want to upgrade.
  • The OS update utility included with the extracted APF files. This file can be downloaded from the Zebra support website.
  • A relay server configured to deliver the product to the device.


  1. Extract Required OS Update Files, File-Action for WinRugg
  2. Create an OS Upgrade File-Action, WinRugg
  3. Create a Product