File servers are used as the source or destination of a download files or upload files event action.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Components > File Servers and then select Add File Server.
  2. Complete all applicable settings in the tabs that are displayed.
    Setting Description
    Name Enter a name for the file server.

    Enter the path of the source or destination of files.

    For example, \\home\NetworkFileShare

    Organization Group Enter the organization group you want to coordinate with for the File Server.
    Content Gateway

    Select the content gateway that is reachable from this resource. Only the Unified Access Gateway (UAG) version is supported.

    The selection of a content gateway is required.

    User name Enter the user name that is recognized by the file server.
    Password Enter the password that accompanies the user name.
    Test Connection Status Select the Test Connection button to test whether the file server can be connected to with the user name and password entered.