You can upgrade the OS of your Android devices remotely using product provisioning. This process allows you to keep your entire device fleet up-to-date without needing to have the devices shipped back to you.

After an Android device receives an Android OS Upgrade file/action, the device processes the command in the following order.



  1. The device receives the product which you can verify on the device by navigating to Hub > Products.
  2. Download all the files including the OS update zip which you can verify in the Product logs found on the device in Hub > Products > Product Name.
  3. Once the downloads complete on a Zebra device, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub backs up its data and any installed managed applications to the device enterprise folder which is persistent.
  4. The Hub then reboots the device into recovery mode to install the update.
  5. Device then applies the OS update.
  6. Once complete, the device reboots.


After reboot, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub validates that the OS update is successful before reporting that the job completed successfully.

What to do next

If the OS update fails, you can investigate the reasons why by using the Workspace ONE UEM console to navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Product Dashboard. Select the failed product in Recent Product Status that contains the OS upgrade. In the View Devices screen, select the magnifying glass icon to view history, then select the magnifying glass icon again to view the Job Log.