Product provisioning in Workspace ONE UEM console allows you to upload applications to the console for distribution as part of a product. Through product provisioning, you can upgrade and remove applications remotely. You can also apply a VPN configuration to an application.

Silent install of applications is supported on Android Work Managed devices and on Android Legacy devices with an OEM service application.

For more information on configuring a per App VPN, see Create a Product.

Note: Smart group assignment happens on the Product level and not on the Application level.

Upload an Application to Provision

Applications added through product provisioning use the rules and restrictions of the product to manage the installation. Add applications that you want installed onto devices as part of a product.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Components > Applications and select Add Application.
  2. Enter or select the Organization Group the application is Managed By.
  3. Select the Upload button and browse for the Application File.
  4. Select the Choose File button and browse your device for a local application file.
  5. Select Save and finish uploading the application.

    The uploader reviews the version of the application you have selected and compares it to the applications that have already been uploaded in UEM. If it finds a match, it prevents you from uploading it again.

  6. Select Continue and add the application to the Product Provisioning application list.

Add New Application Versions to Provision

You can add a version of an already uploaded application. This action enables you to push the newest version of an application to end users using the existing products you have already created.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Components > Applications.
  2. Locate the app you want to version from the listing and select the down facing triangle at the far right of the listing.
  3. Select Add Version from the drop-down menu.
  4. Upload the new version of the application as described above in the section entitled Upload an Application to Provision.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Product List View and find the product that contains the old version of the application you want to update. If necessary, use the filters to narrow your search.
  7. Select the radio button to the left of the product name. This radio button selection displays some action buttons at the top of the List View.
  8. Select the Edit action button. The Edit product screen displays.
  9. In the Manifest tab, find the Install Application Action Type that contains the application you want to update and select the small blue pencil icon to the right of the Description column. The Edit Manifest screen displays.
  10. In the Application text box, delete the application name. This action causes the drop-down menu to appear which now displays all versions of all applications in your entire Applications library.
  11. Select the new version of the application that you uploaded earlier.
  12. Select the Save button. The Edit product screen now shows the Manifest that includes the new version of the application.
  13. Select the Activate button. This action pushes the new version of the application to the devices provisioned with this product.

Result: By taking these steps, you avoid having two versions of the same app assigned to the same device. The risk is that new device enrollments will have both versions assigned to it at first.

Delete Applications from Provisioning

Remove unwanted applications from your products. The Workspace ONE UEM console monitors any attempt to delete an application against the list of active products.

Before you can delete an application, it must be detached from all products.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Applications.
  2. Locate the Application you want to delete from the List View.
  3. Select the down facing arrow to the far-right of the row belonging to the application.
  4. Select Delete.
  5. The Restricted Action screen display. Restricted Action is a security feature designed to prevent accidental application deletions. Enter your four-digit security PIN and proceed with the deletion.
  6. If the application you selected is part of a product, then you are not allowed to delete it until the application is detached from the product. A green warning prompt appears. At the bottom of the warning prompt, lists all the products to which the selected application belongs. Take note of these products.
  7. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Product List View.
  8. Select the Product listed in the warning prompt.
  9. Select the Edit button. The Edit Product screen displays.
  10. Switch to the Manifest tab.
  11. Select the delete button (x) and detach the application from the product. You are prompted to confirm.
  12. Select Save.
  13. Repeat steps 8–12 for all products containing the application.

What to do next: After the application detaches from all products, you can delete the application by returning to complete steps 1–5.