In product provisioning for Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch, a file-action is the combination of the files you want on a device plus the actions you want performed on the device with the file. You assign a file-action to a product. The product is then assigned to the device using Smart Group assignment.

You can install, configure, and upgrade devices by assigning Files-Actions to a product. The Files-Actions component also contains ways to manage the file system of a device.

View the files-actions in the Files-Actions List View.

Table 1. Platform-Specific Actions
Windows Windows Windows
Actions Android macOS QNX 7 Desktop Rugged

Copy Files.

Create Folder.
Delete Files.
Execute Script.          
Move Files.
Remove Folders.
Rename File.
Run Intent.          
Warm Boot          
OS Upgrade          
Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Upgrade.