In product provisioning for Workspace ONE UEM, a file-action is the combination of the files you want on a device plus the actions you want performed on the device with the file. You assign a file-action to a product. The product is then assigned to the device using Smart Group assignment.

You can install, configure, and upgrade devices by assigning Files-Actions to a product. The Files-Actions component also contains ways to manage the file system of a device.

View the files-actions in the Files-Actions List View.

Table 1. Platform-Specific Actions
Windows Windows Windows
Actions Android macOS QNX 7 Desktop Rugged

Copy Files

Create Folder
Delete Files
Execute Script          
Move Files
Remove Folders
Rename File
Run Intent          
Warm Boot          
OS Upgrade          
Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Upgrade          

Editing Files-Actions

You can edit existing Files-Actions to keep products and devices up-to-date.

When you edit any existing files/actions, the version number increases. After saving the edits, Workspace ONE UEM runs a check against all active products to find any that contain the newly edited files/actions.

If any active products contain the files/actions, a warning prompt displays listing all active products affected by the edited files/actions. You can then Activate or Deactivate a product using the files/actions.

Deleting Files-Actions

Workspace ONE UEM checks any attempt to delete files-actions against the list of active products. To delete files-actions, it must be detached from all products.

  1. Select the Files/Actions listed in the Warning prompt.
  2. Select Edit.Remove the files-actions from the product.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Repeat for all products containing the files-actions.
  5. After the files-actions detach from all products, you can delete the files-actions.

If the files-actions is part of an active product, a warning prompt displays listing any product that uses the files/actions.

Upgrade a File-Action

When you upgrade your devices, you can seed the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub in the Workspace ONE UEM console for use in products. The file-action Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Upgrade then grabs the list of seeded APF files when creating a manifest action for products.

Use this option to enroll devices with older Hub versions installed. You can enroll the devices then upgrade the device to the new Hub version you want to use.

When using this upgrade option, be alert for failed upgrades. A failed upgrade can cause the product to push repeatedly as the console recognizes the older Hub version. This failed upgrade can tax the network and result in excessive battery use. If the upgrade fails, deactivate the product and look over the configuration to ensure that the settings are correct.

Note: The Hub Packages screen is only accessible in Customer type organization groups.