The Batch Import feature of Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch loads relay servers into your product provisioning solution in bulk, saving you time if you have many to add. The Batch Import screen serves two purposes, 1) download a blank relay server batch file template and 2) import a completed template.

Download a blank relay server batch file template, fill it out, then upload the completed template by taking the following steps.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Relay Servers > List View then select Add and Batch Import.
    The Batch Import screen displays.
  2. Select the Show Server Function Codes and Show Relay Server Types links to see the codes that you need as you fill in the relay server batch import template.
  3. Select the Download template link and save the template to your device.
  4. Open the template with MS Excel or your favorite text editor.
    The template features two sample entries. These entries allow you to see what kinds of values and their formats the system expects to find in each column heading when you import your completed template.
  5. You must associate the relay server users with an organization group (GroupID).
    The columns that feature an asterisk are required.
  6. Remove the sample entries before you save your completed template.
  7. Save the template in CSV format.
  8. Return to the Workspace ONE UEM console and navigate once again to Devices > Provisioning > Relay Servers > List View then select Add and Batch Import.
  9. Enter a Batch Name.
  10. Enter a Batch Description.
  11. Select Choose File to upload the completed Batch File.
    Batch files must be in CSV format.
  12. Select Import to upload the file and begin the batch import process.


All the relay servers in the correctly filled out template are now available to host product content in Workspace ONE UEM.