Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch allows you to create profiles for your rugged devices. The profiles created for rugged devices are installed or uninstalled as part of a product. Unlike device profiles created for MDM deployments, product provisioning profiles have different rules governing editing and deleting.

Profiles created under Products are different than those created through Workspace ONE UEM. This section lists the differences between profiles created for normal device use and those created for use in product provisioning.

Profile Creation and General Settings

Profiles for use with product provisioning must be created by navigating to Devices > Provisioning > Components > Profiles and select Add Profile.

While creating these product provisioning profiles, the general tab operates differently than the regular general tab for profiles.

Note: Assignment of profiles happens at the product level and not at the profile level as it is in MDM (non product) profiles.

The Profile Scope option under the General tab determines whether the profile is available for products. Only profiles whose Profile Scope is Production or Both can be pushed through products. Staging profiles are meant to stage devices only.

Saving Product Provisioning Profiles

After configuring your product provisioning profile, select Save instead of Save & Publish.

Profiles names cannot be longer than 255 characters.

Update Profiles

When you edit an existing profile, the version number increases. After saving the edits, Workspace ONE UEM runs a check on all active products to find any that contain the newly edited profile.

If any active products contain the profile, a warning prompt displays listing all active products affected by the edited profile. You can then select to Activate or Deactivate a product using the profile.

Delete a Product Provisioning Profile

You can delete an unwanted or unused product provisioning profile provided it is not attached to a product. Workspace ONE UEM monitors attempts to delete a profile against the list of active products.

Before you can delete a product provisioning profile, you must detach it from all products, either by deleting the product or removing the association with the profile.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Product List View and select the product you want to detach or delete. The View Product screen displays containing a read-only view of the product specifications.
  2. Select the Edit button. The Edit Product screen displays containing an editable view of the product.
  3. Select the Manifest tab and remove any Install Profile or Uninstall Profile steps by selecting the delete button (This image shows the delete button, which is in the shape of a the letter X, allowing you to delete install or uninstall profile steps from the manifest.) to the far-right of the listing.
  4. Select Save or Activate to leave the product deactivated or activated, respectively.