You can move the pull service from one relay server to another relay server by taking the following steps.

Such an action is advisable for when you must install the pull service onto a server with upgraded hardware and your pull service runs with custom discovery text. The old relay server was configured with this custom discovery text and as a consequence, the new relay server must also be configured with the same custom discovery text.


  1. On the old relay server, locate the appsettings.json file and find the custom "discoveryText" value including the GUID. Select and copy this string to the clipboard with Ctrl-C.
  2. Uninstall the pull service from the old relay server manually.
  3. Using the latest version of the PS installer, install the pull service onto the new relay server.
  4. From the Workspace ONE UEM console, update the FTP server details of the new relay server, located in the Device Connection tab.
  5. In the Pull Connection tab, paste the custom discovery text you copied in step 1 in the Pull Discovery Text text box with Ctrl-V.
    The custom discovery text is now copied from the old machine to the new machine.
  6. Save and activate the relay server from the UEM console.
  7. Restart the pull service.


The new pull service, using the original custom discovery text, is configured on the new relay server. The new machine serves any existing pending or new content and the device selects content from the new relay server through FTP.