After creating provisioning packages, you can manage your templates and packages from the Windows list view. This page allows you to create, edit, and delete your existing packages.

Creating a Provisioning Package

Create a provisioning package to configure your Dell devices. To create a package, select New. For more information, see Create a Provisioning Package for Windows 10 Devices.

Provisioning Package Templates

After creating a provisioning package, you can choose to either export the package or save it as a template. The templates are the saved settings for provisioning packages. When you save a template, the settings you configured are saved, but templates do not generate PPKG files until you export the package. Use templates to save and edit packages without exporting them.

Workspace ONE UEM purges PPKG files from storage based on the Purge job in the scheduler. Once the Purge job initiates, PPKG files are deleted, but the template is saved and you can export the package again.

In the Windows list view, templates show a Draft status. Active exports show the status of the export (Queued, In Progress, and so on).

Editing a Provisioning Package

You can edit existing provisioning packages. Select a package to edit and then select Edit. From the editing page, you can edit any of the provisioning package settings. You can also export a saved template by selecting Save and Export.

Deleting a Provisioning Package

You can delete provisioning packages and templates as needed. To delete, select the package or template, and select Delete. When you delete a package, you also delete any stored PPKG files.