With Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online), you can dynamically assign Workspace ONE UEM payloads like profiles and applications. You can also provision your Windows 10 devices with assignments at the manufacturer (OEM) and ship devices directly to your end users.


Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online) Explanation

Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online) is an alternate method to provision devices before they ship to your workplace or to your end users. This method provides a more dynamic way to assign and provision because you can add and update what you want provisioned over the air (OTA). Make changes anytime and these changes are stored and become part of your resources suite for later devices.

With Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online), you configure the system in the Workspace ONE UEM console. You also work with the manufacturer order devices for Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online). Your OEM requests specific information about your Workspace ONE UEM console, along with any Workspace ONE UEM tags that you would like to apply to these devices to determine payload assignments. With this information, the manufacturer builds your devices and puts a Provisioning Agent from Workspace ONE UEM on the devices. This agent communicates with Workspace ONE UEM to get your profiles, apps, and device login method. This process results in your device user receiving a device from the manufacturer that is current with your business's approved settings, apps, and resources.

How Does Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online) Work?

Workspace ONE UEM uses the Workspace ONE OEM Provisioing Service to store your registered information from the manufacturer and your configurations set in the console. It communicates with your devices ensuring the devices are provisioned with your desired resources. The workflow to provision devices over the air follows the listed steps.
  1. Enable Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online) in Workspace ONE UEM.
  2. Order your devices and give the manufacturer your Workspace ONE UEM information.
  3. The manufacturer builds your devices and puts the Provisioning Agent on them.
  4. The information from Workspace ONE UEM and the registration information from the manufacturer are stored in the OEM Provisioning Service.
  5. The Workspace ONE UEM scheduler syncs or you manually sync and get registered information from the OEM Provisioning Service. Devices are now listed on the Enrollment Status page in the console.
  6. The manufacturer turns on the device and the Provisioning Agent communicates with the OEM Provisioning Service.
  7. The Provisioning Agent enrolls with Workspace ONE UEM and gets the current profiles, apps, and login configurations (local account or domain join).
The device is ready to ship, fully provisioned based on your most current Workspace ONE UEM payload assignments.

Participate in the Technical Preview

Workspace ONE UEM offers Workspace ONE Drop Ship Provisioning (Online) as a technical preview for our SaaS customers. Technical preview features are not fully tested and some functionality might not work as expected. However, these previews help Workspace ONE UEM improve current functionality and develop future enhancements.

To use a technical preview feature, contact your VMware Workspace ONE UEM representative and ask to have the applicable feature flags enabled at the desired organization group (OG) levels.