The New tag in front of the report name in Workspace ONE UEM identifies new reports. These reports combine multiple legacy, deprecated reports.

Subscribe to a New Report

Subscribe to a new report to receive alerts from the Monitor page of the Workspace ONE UEM console. Subscription enables you to access important information regarding usage and other technical parameters.

For security reasons, the subscription email for new reports does not contain the report as a file attachment. The email provides a link to download the report. This link requires authentication to download. Only admins with valid credentials can access the reports.

Important: Administrators with the appropriate role permissions and organization group access can view and edit other administrator subscriptions.
  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Reports > List View > All Reports.
  2. Select a desired new report and select the Report Subscriptions icon.
  3. On the Parameters tab, configure applicable settings that set criteria for the scope of the report. These settings vary depending on the report.
  4. On the Schedule tab, configure the following settings.
    Setting Description
    From Specifies from whom the subscription is sent.
    To Specifies who receives the subscription.

    If the recurrence is set to specific days of the month such as the 31st day of a month when the month only has 30 days, you do not receive a report for that month.

    Defines when the Workspace ONE UEM console sends the subscription. Available options are once, daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also set the time of day for the report and the end of recurrence.

    Date/Time Specifies when to start sending subscriptions.
    Subject Specifies a subject to help identify the subscription when the Workspace ONE UEM console delivers it.
    Message Defines the message to explain the subscription when the Workspace ONE UEM console delivers it.

New Reports by Name

To see the new reports, navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Reports > List View. To see the exported new reports, navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Exports.

Workspace ONE UEM offers 21 new reports. The following table shows the available columns for each of these new reports.

Table 1. Admin Login History
Name Browser
Core User Platform
Login Date Failure Reason
Source IP Status
Table 2. Admin User Roles
Organization Group ID Role
Organization Group Name Role Description
User name Last Login Date
Email User Type
First Name Primary
Last Name  
Table 3. Application Details by Device
Organization Group ID App Name
Organization Group Name App Identifier
Device ID App Status
Friendly Name App Assignment Status
User Name Installation Status
Email Address Last Action Taken
Device Platform Last Action Timestamp
OS Version App First Seen
Device Model App Last Seen
Enrollment Status Department
Last Seen Custom Attribute 1
Ownership Custom Attribute 2
Serial Number Custom Attribute 3
Table 4. Certificate Near Expiration
Certificate Name Profile Name
Issued To Friendly Name
Issued By Organization Group Name
CA Name Effective Date
Status Days until Expires
Table 5. Content Details by Device
This report shows both managed content set to download automatically and content set to be downloaded manually or on-demand. Admins typically use this data to evaluate unused documents to see which ones have the best traction with end users, then update or retire.
Organization Group ID Content Type
Organization Group Name Content Installed
Device ID Content Priority
Friendly Name Content Importance
User name Content Category
Email Address Status
Serial Number Content Version
IMEI Content Size in KB
Device Platform Effective Date
Device Model Expiration Date
OS Version Last Modified Date
Ownership Last Seen
Content Name Days Offline
Table 6. Count of Active Devices
Organization Group Name Total Number of Active Devices
Organization Group Type Total Number of Inactive Devices
Organization Group ID Name Total Number of Devices
Created On
Table 7. Count of Active Devices by Users
Organization Group Name User Name
Organization Group Type Total Number of Active Devices
Organization Group ID Name Total Number of Inactive Devices
Created On Total Number of Devices
Table 8. Denylist or Non-Allowlist Application Details by Device
Organization Group ID Device Model
Organization Group Name OS Version
Device ID Ownership
User name Phone Number
Email Address App Name
Serial Number App Identifier
IMEI App Version
Device Platform App First Seen
Table 9. Device Battery Log
Device ID Battery Flag
Friendly Name Battery Life Percent
Organization Group ID Battery Voltage
Organization Name Battery Current
Device Model Battery Temperature
Device Platform Battery mAh Consumed
OS Version Battery Average Interval
Owner Battery Average Current
AC Line Status Backup Battery Lifetime
Sample Time Backup Battery Full Life Time
Transmit Time. Backup Battery Life Percent
Battery Life Time Backup Battery Flag
Battery Full Time Backup Battery Voltage
Table 10. Device Inventory
Organization Group ID Current Carrier
Organization Group Name Device Roaming
Device ID Roaming Start date
Friendly Name Roaming End Date
User name MAC Address
Email Address Wi-Fi IP Address
First Name IMEI
Last Name Sim Card Number
Display Name GPRS Connection
Serial Number Device Capacity (GB)
Device Platform Available Capacity (GB)
Device Model Available Physical Memory (MB)
Phone Number Total Physical Memory (MB)
Ownership Battery Life Percent
OS Version AC Power Sample Time
Enrollment Date Device On AC Power
Compliance Status Payload Removal Disallowed
Enrollment Status Is Supervised
Unenrollment Date EAS DeviceID
Managed By Is Cloud Backup Enabled
Last Seen Last iCloud Backup Date
Asset Number Is Activation Lock Enabled
Is Compromised Purchase Country
Find My iPhone. Estimated Purchase Date
Country Warranty Status
MDM Managed Registration Date
Device Identifier Coverage Start Date
Home Carrier Coverage End Date
Table 11. Device Location Log
Organization Group Name Email Address
Organization Group ID Sample Time
Friendly Name Latitude
Device ID Longitude
User name Elevation
Table 12. Device Security Posture
Organization Group ID IMEI
Organization Group Name Data protection is enabled.
Device ID Block level encryption is enabled.
Friendly Name File level encryption is enabled.
Serial Number Passcode is present.
Device Model Passcode-compliant Y/N
Phone Number Pending Installs
Ownership All assigned profiles are installed.
OS Version Passcode Compliant With Profiles
Last Seen Encryption is compliant.
Is Compromised Internal storage encryption is enabled.
MAC Address SD Card encryption is enabled.
Wi-Fi IP Address Offline Days
Enrollment User Name Device Group
Email Address  
Table 13. Device Usage Detail
Organization Group ID Roaming End Date
Organization Group Name Data Received (KB)
Device ID Data Sent (KB)
Friendly Name Total KB
Ownership Roaming Data Usage
Device Platform Data Usage (MB)
Device Model Plan Name
OS Version Cell Card Identifier
User name Record Date
Email Address Daily Peak Voice
Serial Number Daily Off Peak Voice
IMEI Daily Message
Phone Number Message Limit
Last Seen Daily Data Usage
Sim Card Number Billing Cycle
Sample Time Monthly Peak Voice
Home Carrier Monthly Voice Percent Utilization
Current Carrier Monthly Off Peak Voice
Country Monthly message
Network IP Address Monthly Message Percent Utilization
Cellular IP Address Monthly Data Usage
Device Roaming Monthly Data Percent Utilization
Roaming Start date
Table 14. Device Wipe Log
Device ID or MAC Address Organization Group ID
Friendly Name Organization Group Name
Serial Number User name
Device Type Email Address
Device Model Wipe Issued By.
OS Version Wipe Type.
Ownership Event Time
Device Platform  
Table 15. Devices with Application and User Details
Organization Group ID Deployed By AirWatch
Organization Group Name Managed App
Device ID App Type
User Name Installed Version
Email Address Bundle Size (KB)
Serial Number Dynamic Size (KB)
IMEI Install Status.
Sim Card Number Install Status Reason.
Device Platform App First Seen
Device Model App Last Seen
OS Version Last Seen
Ownership Device Capacity
Phone Number Available Device Capacity
Department Enrollment Date
Custom Attribute 1 Enrollment Status
Custom Attribute 2 Console App Name
Custom Attribute 3 Assigned Version
App Name Last Action Taken
App Identifier Last Action Timestamp
Table 16. Devices with User Details
Organization Group ID User Status
Organization Group Name Device Platform
Friendly Name Device Model
Device ID OS Version
User name Ownership
User Id Serial Number
First Name IMEI
Last Name Enrollment Status
Email Address Compliance Status
User Phone Number Date Enrolled
Domain Type Date Unenrolled
Table 17. Profile Configuration Settings
Organization Group Device Model
Profile Name Minimum Operating System Name
Profile Group Type Maximum Operating System Name
Device Platform Profile Setting Name
Description Value
Assignment Type Location Group Path
Table 18. Profile Details by Device
Organization Group ID Model
Organization Group Name OS Version
Friendly Name C/E/S
User name Profile
Email User name Installed Version
Email Address Latest Version
Serial Number Installed Date
MAC Address Installed
Table 19. SDK Analytics
Device ID App Identifier
Friendly Name Application Name
Organization Group ID Application Version
Organization Group Name Event Name
User name Event Data
Sample Time  
Table 20. Shared Device History
Organization Group ID Last Name
Organization Group Name Email Address
Device ID Check-in Date
Device Name Checkout Date
First Name  
Table 21. Terms of Use Acceptance Detail
Organization Group Name Phone Number
Organization Group ID Terms of Use Name
User name Version
First Name Accepted Version
Last Name Accepted
Email Address Accepted On