The reports and analytics solution in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch includes the ability to export data from many sections in the console. From the Exports page, you can download the generated reports – once reports are successfully generated, links to download are available in the Exports grid.

  • The maximum size of a generated report is 4 GB.
  • Reports sized in excess of 4 GB will not generate to completion. They are represented in the Exports grid with the status File size exceeds limit.
  • Shared SaaS environments cannot change this 4 GB size limit.
  • You can limit the number of records included in the generated report (and therefore reduce its size) by being more selective in the drop-down menu options of the report.
    • For example, when running a report on Applications, consider selecting specific apps instead of enabling the "Select All" check box.
    • You can also run multiple reports on smaller child OGs rather than a single report on the larger parent/Global OG.
  • Dedicated SaaS and On-Premises environments can increase this 4 GB size limit by contacting support.


  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Reports > List View and select the desired report.
  2. On the report screen, complete the applicable settings.
    These settings vary depending on the report.
  3. Click Download to export the report to the Exports page.
  4. Navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Exports and select the desired report. Click Complete available under Status column against the selected report to download it.


Note: The exported new reports are mentioned as New Reports and the existing reports are mentioned as Reports under Export Type column.
Note: A Try again status indicates a server error during report generation.

What to do next

The comma-separated values (CSV) structured report is available for download in a ZIP format.