Basic remote actions appear on the Basic Actions subtab of the selected device in the self-service portal. The actions available depend upon enrollment status, device platform, and action permissions.

Action Description
Change Passcode

Set a new passcode for the selected device.

If a device end user logs into the SSP to change a shared device passcode before it expires, this new passcode adpots the expiration time from the OG associated with the shared device, not the OG the end user is managed from.

For example, assume you have an OG structure with 'Parent' at the top and 'Child' underneath. Assume that the end user account is managed from 'Parent' with a passcode expiration of 90 days. Assume also that the shared device is managed by 'Child' with a passcode expiration of 30 days. In this scenario, when the end user logs into the Self Service Portal and changes the shared device passcode before it expires, the new passcode expiration goes from 90 days (Parent) to 30 days (Child).

The workaround is to ensure that you configure the shared device passcode on the OG the users are managed from.

As the admin, if you change the end user's shared device passcode in the Add/Edit User screen from the Workspace ONE UEM console, it correctly adopts the expiration time of the OG the end user is managed from.

Clear Passcode Clear the passcode on the selected device and prompt for a new passcode. This action is useful if users forget their device passcode and are locked out of their device.
Delete Device Remove the device from the Self Service Portal.
Delete Registration Delete any pending enrollment record from the Self Service Portal.
Device Query Request the device to send a comprehensive set of MDM information to the Workspace ONE UEM Server.
Device Wipe Wipe all data from the selected device, including all data, email, profiles, and MDM capabilities and returns the device to factory default settings.
Download Hub Download and install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to the device from which you are viewing the SSP.
Enterprise Wipe Wipe all corporate data from the selected device and removes the device from Workspace ONE UEM. All the enterprise data contained on the device is removed, including MDM profiles, policies, and internal applications. The device returns to the state it was in before the installation of Workspace ONE UEM.
Locate Device Activate the GPS feature to locate a lost or stolen device. This action is hidden when privacy settings are restrictive.
Lock Device/Screen Locks the selected device so that an unauthorized user cannot access it, which is useful if the device is lost or stolen. End users can also use the GPS feature to locate the device.
Lock SSO Lock the single sign-on passcode for apps on this device. The next SSO app opened will prompt for a passcode.
Make Noise Rind a device by remotely causing it to ring.
Resend Enrollment Message

Send another copy of the initial enrollment email, SMS, or QR code to the device intended to register.

As a security feature, the email address that appears in the resend enrollment message form is read-only for accounts that enrolled with a token.

Send Message Send a message using email, phone notification or SMS to the device.
Set Roaming Set whether roaming is enabled for this device.
Sync Device Outfit devices with the latest company policies, content, and apps.
View Enrollment Message

See the actual email, SMS, or QR code that comprised the initial enrollment message.

As a security feature, this action is not available for accounts that enrolled with a token.

Note: Registration and Enrollment actions only display in the SSP when the enrollment of a selected device is still pending.