The Self-Service Portal (SSP) is a website unique to your organization where you can log in and see your devices managed by Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

Personal Content refers to files you personally upload, manage, and maintain. These files are distinct from content your organization may push down to you through the VMware Workspace ONE Content app. Whereas your organization's content may be protected with the VMware Workspace ONE Content app's security functions, Personal Content is yours to control and do with as you want. You can upload and download files from your Personal Content repository in multiple ways. The diagram below illustrates these methods and the description beneath it outlines the process.

SSP Personal Content Diagram

  1. Your Files – These can be any of the supported file types that you want to access from multiple devices.
  2. Uploading Content – You can upload Personal Content in one of three ways:
    • Add content on your mobile device through the VMware Workspace ONE Content application.
    • Upload content through your organization's Self-Service Portal.
    • Sync content that you drop into a shared folder on your computer using VMware Content Locker Sync.
  3. Personal Content Repository – After uploading content using one of these three methods it becomes a part of your personal content repository, which is simply a pool of all your Personal Content files.
  4. Downloading Content – You can access this repository in one of three ways:
    • Access your content from the VMware Content Locker application on your mobile device.
    • View files in the Self-Service Portal by logging into your organization's website.
    • Use VMware Content Locker Sync to view content from a shared folder on your laptop or computer.
  5. View Files on Devices – The use cases for viewing personal files on devices are limitless. For example, you might drag and drop a number of important files into your VMware Content Locker Sync shared folder on your work laptop so that you can access them later on your tablet or other mobile device.
Note: The availability of the VMware Workspace ONE Content app and the level of Self-Service Portal access you have is determined by your Workspace ONE UEM administrator.