Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment is an easy and efficient way to enroll large numbers of corporate-owned devices, while keeping end user interaction to a minimum. You can enroll up to thousands of Samsung devices in VMware Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch™ without manually configuring each device. You can enroll device directly to individuals that can be predetermined in the Mobile Enrollment portal. Devices can be enrolled to use only the Knox Standard APIs on the device and to utilize the Knox Premium APIs for the Knox Container as well.

Note: As this is simply an enrollment mechanism, there is no loss or change in the existing policy sets defined in your admin console. Knox Standard policy sets as well as the Knox container will follow normal enrollment methods.

Getting Started with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

There are some prerequisites that have to be met before deploying Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment including business accounts being verified by Samsung and using Knox Mobile enrollment approved devices. For more information, see Getting Started with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Preparing for Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

To prepare for Samsung Knox mobile enrollment, you will need setup user credentials, configure the Knox Mobile Enrollment Portal, and to create the MDM profile used to deploy and configure devices. For more information, please see Preparing for Enrollment.

Device Enrollment

Device enrollment is an easy process once devices are ready. For more information, see Enrolling Devices.