Allow send and receive of Intune protected attachments to and from Microsoft Office apps through Send by configuring app policy settings in Microsoft Azure portal.


  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal using your Microsoft credentials.
  2. Navigate to Intune > Mobile Apps > App Protection Polices and create a protection policy. Create separate policies for iOS and Android.
  3. Select the newly create policy and select Policy Settings from the left Manage panel.
  4. Set Policy Managed apps as the policy settings for Allow app to transfer data to other apps and Allow app to receive data from other apps.
  5. Select Targeted apps from the left Manage panel to make Workspace ONE Send as one of the targeted apps.
  6. Select More apps and add Workspace ONE Send app bundle ID.
    • Bundle ID for iOS - com.air-watch.vmsend
    • Bundle ID for Andriod - com.airwatch.vmsend
  7. Save the policy settings.