Meet the following requirements to ensure an optimum application deployment.

Supported Platforms and Version
  • iOS 11 and later
  • Android 5.0 and later
Supported Console Version
  • Workspace ONE UEM console 9.7 and later
  • AirWatch Console 9.1+
  • Microsoft Intune Company Portal

(Android Only) Required Software
Microsoft Intune Company Portal app - The Microsoft Intune Company Portal app must be installed for registering the Workspace ONE Send app successfully.
Supported File Types
All file types supported by Microsoft Office 365 applications. For example, .doc,.dot,.docm,.dotx,.dotm,.odt
Supported VMware Apps
  • VMware Workspace ONE Boxer 4.10+
  • VMware Workspace ONE Content
  • VMware Workspace ONE Web
    Note: Currently, Send on iOS devices does not support Workspace ONE Content and Workspace ONE Web.

Other Requirements

  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security E3 licensing for Intune MAM Policy enforcement. Though Workspace ONE Send app is a VMware application, the app is not integrated with AirWatch SDK and no SDK DLPs can be configured to it. Hence, only the Microsoft Intune MAM policies are honored by the app.
    Note: iOS and Android device users must have the Send app registered for the Intune policies to be honored.
  • Microsoft credentials to login to the O365 applications and to register Workspace ONE Send app.