To begin using Workspace ONE Send, you must meet all the prerequisites related to your device, the productivity apps supported by Workspace ONE Send, and the microsoft O365 apps.

Following are the prerequisites:

  • Enrolled device with VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

  • Microsoft O365 credentials for Workspace ONE Send registration.

  • Workspace ONE Send registered with Microsoft O365 credentials.

  • Workspace ONE Boxer for emails and files exchange. Minimum Boxer iOS version is 4.10.0.

  • Workspace ONE Content Android version 3.15 for access to managed content.

  • Workspace ONE Web on Android devices for secure access to websites.

  • Microsoft O365 apps like Word, Excel, or Power Point downloaded from the App Store or Play Store and logged in with O365 credentials.


Workspace ONE Send on iOS devices currently does not support Workspace ONE Content and Workspace ONE Web