The staging Wi-Fi profile connects a device to a Wi-Fi network used for enrollment if the device is not configured to a network.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Components > Profiles > Add Profile > Android (Legacy).
  2. Select the General profile option.
  3. Set the Profile Scope of the Wi-Fi profile.
    • Staging Wi-Fi Profile – Connects a device to the Wi-Fi used for staging.
    • Production Wi-Fi Profile – Connects a device to the Wi-Fi used for everyday use. Production Wi-Fi profiles are under Device > Profiles > List View > Add. You must use auto deployment and publish the profile before staging a device with it.
    • Both – Connects the device to Wifi to be used for staging and continues use during production.
  4. Navigate to Wi-Fi > Configure.
  5. Provide the Service Set Identifier to name the network to which the device will connect.
  6. Indicate if the Wi-Fi network is a Hidden Network.
  7. Ensure the WiFi is setup as the Active Network.
  8. Specify the Security Type of access protocol used and whether certificates are required.
  9. Provide the Password required for the device to connect to the network.
  10. Select Save & Publish.