Workspace ONE UEM can create a sideload staging package that allows you to create one side staging enrollment for all devices and assign the device to an Organization Group as needed.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Staging > List View.
  2. Choose a previous staging package that you want to create a sideloaded staging package for. Select the More option and select Staging Side Load from the drop-down.
  3. Choose the Organization Group to which this staging applies.
  4. Select Download to start downloading the zip file of the staging sideload.
  5. Download and install the Android Debug Bridge to the computer from which you will stage devices.
    For more information, see
  6. Unzip the staging file and connect the Smart Glasses to the staging computer.
  7. Ensure that the Android Debug Bridge is enabled and running on the staging computer.
  8. Run the autoenroll script.
    1. Find the script from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub folder saved to your computer and run the script from within the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub folder.
    Note: The auto-enroll script for Google Glass devices allows you to manually enable the following commands: Setting OTA server, Lock ADB access, Set an app into kiosk mode, and enable/disable camera.
    The device should auto enroll into Workspace ONE UEM.