The values for Device Restart for Win32 applications allow the user to defer the device reboot and associate a deadline time up to which the user can defer the reboot. The values allow admins and end users to have more control over restarts to prevent a user from losing work. Admins can choose to force restart a PC after application installation or allow the user to postpone the restart for a more convenient time.

Device restart helps you configure the following settings:

  • Prompt the user before the device restart so that they can save their file and close applications.
  • Prompt the user when a device restart is required.
  • Allows the user to snooze the device restart as per their convenience.
  • Allows administrators to force the device restart.
  • Allows administrators to set a deferral deadline after which the users cannot snooze the restart.

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub shows notifications regarding device reboots at various stages. The deferral notification allows the user to restart or snooze. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub updates the reboot data for snooze or restart and shows that notification according to the time selected by the user.

The following table shows notifications that are displayed at various stages:
System Alert Description
During the application installation Notifies the user to save the files and close the application.
After application installation Displays the first alert and notifies the user about the system restart.
48 Hours before the restart deadline Displays the second alert and warns the user about the force restart.
15 minutes before the restart deadline Displays the third alert and warns the user about the force restart.
5 minutes before the restart deadline Clear system prompts that indicate the date and time of the planned force restart.