You can now create a workflow for any of your Windows and macOS software distribution applications.


Workspace ONE UEM offers Freestyle Orchestrator Workflows as a tech preview feature for our SaaS customers. For more information, see What is Freestyle Orchestrator.

Technical preview features are not fully tested and some functionality may not work as expected. However, these previews help Workspace ONE UEM improve current functionality and develop future enhancements. The content in this section applies only to customers who are participating in the technical preview. If you are participating in the tech preview feature and you intend to use an application or a specific version of an app in workflows, consider the following properties:

Newly added applications and the default policy

The app assignment section of your software distribution application, displays a Workflow assignment tab. If you are uploading an application for the first time, the workflow tab is empty as there are no workflows associated with the application. You must create at least one assignment rule for the application to be picked as default policy to use the application in the workflows. The properties specified in the default policy are used by all the devices that receive this application version through any workflow. If you want to override the policy for a group of users, you can create additional assignments and prioritize them over the default policy.

Note: Default policy ignores the deployment properties such as deployment mode, deployment begins on, as Workflow drives some of these properties.

Considerations while adding new version of the application

If you are using Latest version option for a particular app in your workflow and you add a version of this app to your inventory, direct app assignments, default policies, and workflow assignments is copied over from the previous version. Canceling the assignment without publishing the changes to the end-user devices will not recognize the newly added version as the latest. If and when the assignments for the newly added version are published, a new version of the workflows that contains this application is published to the devices.

Considerations while deleting or retiring the application

Retiring or deleting a version of your application that is used in workflows is not allowed if you are using a specific version in your workflows. These actions are allowed only if you use the option latest version.
Note: When you retire the latest version (V2) of your app, and make its lower version (V1) as the latest, all the devices that receive the highest version (V2) is not impacted. However, the devices that receive the workflow after the action, will receive the older version (V1) as its latest.