The VMware Admin Assistant tool uses a Munki command-line utility to give admins an easy way to create the pkginfo metadata files that you must enforce software management.


Workspace ONE UEM requires pkginfo metadata file with the application file to manage the deployment in the UEM console.

Note: The VMware Admin Assistant Tool is available in the UEM console, and at The Admin Assistant is also built with an auto-update mechanism, which updates to the latest version based on the AppCast.XML file available at ONE UEMAdminAssistant.xml.


  1. Click open the Admin Assistant tool. The Assistant dialog box asks you to upload the application installer files for the Assistant to parse.
  2. Upload an application installer file by dragging and dropping a .pkg, .dmg, .app, or .mpkg file, or browse your local files for an installer file.
    1. When you drop or select a file, the tool initiates the process. If needed, you can add more files during this time.
    2. If you select an .app file, the tool creates a .dmg containing the file.

What to do next

After the parsing is finished, the tool prompts you to reveal the parsed metadata files in Finder. Store the metadata files in a local folder where you can easily retrieve them during the Software distribution procedure.