Use macOS software distribution scripts to perform additional configurations or validation of tasks in the Script section of the Add or Edit Application page of the console.

By inserting scripts, you can:

  • Avoid repacking installers by using pre-install scripts.
  • Avoid post-install user prompts by scripting additional configurations.
  • Perform validation.
  • Customize the uninstallation.

The following table provides exit code behavior for each script type.

Script Type Exit Code 0 Behavior Other exit Code Behavior
Pre-Install Continue Install Skip Install
Post-Install Successfully Installed Installed Successfully with Warnings
Pre-Uninstall Continue Uninstall Skip Uninstall
Post-Uninstall Uninstall Successfully Uninstall successfully with Warnings
Install Check Script Install is Needed Skip Install
Uninstall Check Script Uninstall is Needed Skip Uninstall