Upload Win32 applications as either main files or dependency files. Use the same process for EXE, MSI, and ZIP files.


  • If using a ZIP file, compress application packages that are 4GB or larger using 7-Zip. Workspace ONE UEM does not decompress ZIP packages containing application packages of 4GB or larger when compressed using the native Windows zip compressor.
  • Software Distribution engine (SFD) requires an MSI file or an EXE file inside the ZIP file to deploy a PowerShell script file.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > Native > Internal and select Add Application.
  2. Select Upload, and then select Local File and select the application to upload.
  3. Select an answer to Is this a dependency file.
    • Select Yes to tag a dependency file and associate it to Win32 applications. Examples of dependency files are libraries and frameworks.
    • Select Continue to go to the next phase in the life cycle.