Enterprise application Repository in Workspace ONE UEM console allows you to easily set up common applications. You can add internal applications on your network with an external application repository and manage the applications with Workspace ONE UEM. Once the applications are added to the application Repository, they can then be distributed and installed on devices.

Complete the following steps to add an application using Enterprise Application Repository.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > Internal and then select ADD > From Enterprise App Repository.

    Navigation path to select and add a Windows app from an enterprise app repository on the Workspace ONE UEM console is shown.

  2. Search and select the internal application.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Edit the Application Name or Managed By if necessary, and select Next.
    Note: You can get email and console notifications when a new version of an existing app in your catalog becomes available. You can click on add application from the console notification and it automatically takes you through the steps to update and distribute the new version of your application. You can also enable notifications for the existing EAR apps by editing them from your Apps and Books section.
    You can review the summary before adding the application. You can edit some fields later through the application list view.
  5. Select Save.