So long as a tag is unassigned and you have no plans to use it again, you can delete it.


You must have the correct permissions to delete a tag. You can check on these permissions by viewing all the assigned resources (or permissions) of an admin role, modify the role with the 'Delete Tag' permission and if not already assigned, then assign the modified role to your admin account. For details, see the topic View the Resources of an Admin Role.

Tags you want to delete must not be assigned to any device.

To unassign tags from devices, navigate to Devices > List View and search for the tag you want to delete. Open the device Details View on devices with the assigned tag. Unassign the tag from all devices to which it is assigned.


  1. Once the tag is completely unassigned, navigate to Groups & Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Tags.
  2. Identify the tag you want to delete from the listing.
  3. Select the radio button next to the tag you want to delete.
    The Delete button displays above the listing.
  4. Select Delete.
    A confirmation appears asking "Permanently delete tag?"
  5. Select OK on the confirmation.
    If the tag is assigned to a device, you are not allowed to delete it. See the instructions above to unassign tags from devices.


If the tag is not assigned to any device when you delete it, it is now removed.