As an admin, you can configure several options related to the management of printers connected to your Workspace ONE UEM environment.

The path to Peripherals Server Settings page in the Workspace ONE UEM console is Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Peripherals > Server.

What can you do with the Peripherals Server page?

With the Workspace ONE Peripherals Server page settings page, you can:

  • Add the printer server settings such as the HMAC key used to associate a printer server to organization group in Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Add an enrollment user to a particular server.

The following settings display after you select Add Server.

Setting Description
Friendly Name Use this option to add the friendly name of your server.
HMAC Token The HMAC key is auto-generated and will be used to associate the print server to the appropriate organization group in Workspace ONE UEM. This key will need to be entered into the relevant Print Server configuration file.
User Id Select the appropriate enrollment user that will be associated to the Print Server. This user is typically an AirWatch Administrator and may be associated to multiple Print Servers.
Service Uid Enter the ID of the print server which identifies it uniquely. Use the Service UID to associate the server to AirWatch. This key can be copied from the server or generated by clicking the Generate UID button and then copying and pasting it to the server.