As an admin, you can view related Console and Device events and their severity and set their log levels.

The path to Events page is Groups & Settings > All Settings > Admin > Events.

What can you do with Events settings page?

With the Events settings page, you can:

  • Set the log level for Event Type for devices.
  • View the list of events, category and severity information.
  • Export the list of events to .CSV or .XLSX format for later use.


  • Event Settings – Select this option to set the log level for Device and Console events. Events that meet the selected levels and above for both Device and Console will be captured and stored by the Workspace ONE UEM database and displayed in the Workspace ONE UEM console on the Hub >  Reports & Analytics >  Events  >  Device Events and Hub >  Reports & Analytics >  Events  >  Console Events pages.
  • Filters - Use this option to filter the events based on the severity, type and category.