The Settings and Policies Settings page lets you configure options that affectWorkspace ONE UEM apps, Workspace ONE SDK-built apps, and wrapped apps.

Current Setting – Select whether to Inherit or Override the displayed settings. Inherit means use the settings of the current organization group's parent OG, while Override enables the settings for editing so you can modify the current OG's settings directly.


  • Branding
    Setting Description
    Colors Reflect your company colors by choosing colors for the Workspace ONE UEM console from the color palette beside the color options.

    Choose primary and secondary colors listed options including tool bars and text.

    Organization Name Enter the name that represents your organization to display in the Workspace ONE UEM system.
    Device Backgrounds Upload images that the system displays as the background and as the logo for the organization on the listed device types.
    • Apple iOS options
      • Background Image iPhone
      • Background Image iPhone (Retina)
      • Background Image iPhone 5 (Retina)
      • Background Image iPad
      • Background Image iPad (Retina)

    • Android options
      • Background Image Small
      • Background Image Medium
      • Background Image Large
      • Background Image Extra Large
    • Platform neutral options
      • Company Logo Phone
      • Company Logo Phone High Res
      • Company Logo Tablet
      • Company Logo Tablet High Resolution
  • Logging
    The Workspace ONE UEM system collects logs until the log file size reaches 200 MB for SaaS environments. If the log size exceeds 200 MB, the system stops collecting logs. The Workspace ONE UEM console notifies you when your application log size reaches 75% of 200 MB. To act on the application log size, contact your Workspace ONE UEM Representative.
    • Ask for an increase in your application log size.
    • Ask for a purge of your application log. The system can purge logs older than two weeks.
  • Analytics

    Use SDK analytics to view how many times a file or an application has been opened and how long the file or application remained open. These statistics offer a quick view of which end users have downloaded and viewed high-priority content.

  • Custom Settings

    Use Custom Settings to enter XML code. This XML code allows you to enable or disable certain settings, manually. You can add custom features to your environment to support the unique needs of your mobile network.

    For the most current list of the supported lookup values for custom settings, select the Insert Lookup icon, the plus sign (+), next to the text box.