The Area settings page lets you add geofences or iBeacons for use in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Configure geofence area settings by navigating to Groups & Settings > Alll Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Area.

What can you do with the Workspace ONE UEM Area settings page?

You can define your device profile with a geofence area, which limits the use of the device to specific geographical areas including corporate offices, school buildings, and retail department stores. You can think of a geofence area as a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.

For example, a geofence area with a 1-kilometer radius can apply to your office, while a much larger geofence area can apply approximately to an entire state. Once you have defined a geofence area you can apply it to profiles, SDK applications, and Workspace ONE UEM apps such as the VMware Content Locker, and more.

Table 1. Geofencing Area (button)
Setting Description
Area Name Enter a name that represents your defined geofence in the listing.
Address Enter a street address that serves as the epicenter of the geofence. Select the Click to Search button to send the entered address as a search parameter to Bing maps. If the search is successful, the correct address appears in the map displayed under the button.
Radius Enter how large you want the geofence to be. You can select kilometers or miles. The default radius is 1 kilometer.
Map (dynamic image)

You can select between three different views: Road (standard road map), Aerial (photorealistic view), and Bird's Eye (a three-dimensional modelled view).

Select the Locate Me button to send your current location to the Bing map. You might be asked by your browser to approve/confirm sending the location.

You can zoom the map's view in and out using the Plus and Minus icons.

You can also create iBeacons for use in Apple computer systems. For more inforamtion about iBeacons, see Apple iBeacon Overview.

Table 2. iBeacon (button)
Setting Description
Group Name Enter a name for the iBeacon group.
iBeacon name Enter the name of the individual iBeacon. You can use the Add button to add as many iBeacons to this group as you want.
UUID Enter the universally unique identifier (UUID) for the iBeacon added.
Major Value Enter an identifier to subdivide the area of the iBeacon.
Minor Valule Enter an extra identifier to subdivide the area of the iBeacon.