The User Migration settings page in Workspace ONE UEM lets customers with Basic Users intending to switch over to LDAP users employ the User Migration feature.

The User Migration tool provides an easy way to check existing Basic Users against current directory users and consolidate information throughout. Additionally, customers using Auth Proxy or legacy SAML who want to start utilizing user groups may employ the User Migration feature to update their users.

Table 1. User Migration
Setting Description
Filters Select the Filters button to reveal the Migration Status drop-down menu.
Migration Status

You can limit your view to one of three possible filters: Pending, Not Matched, or All.

In the listing, a checkbox appears to the left of each entry.

You can select individual checkboxes or you can select the entire listing by selecting the checkbox to the left of the LDAP Username column.

Migrate (button) This button displays only when a checkbox is selected from the listing. When pressed, this button adds the selected basic user to the queue for migration to directory (LDAP) user.
LDAP Username Lists the username. You can sort by this column.
Organization Group Lists the organization group (OG). You can sort by this column.
Migration Status Lists the migration status for the user. You can sort by this column.
Export (button) Select this button to export a comma-separated values (CSV) or Microsoft Excell (XLSX) file of the filtered listing (as displayed).
Search List (text box) Enter search parameters to locate a specific user or OG.