Use Apple's Managed Distribution system integrated with Workspace ONE UEM to distribute your free and purchased Volume Purchase Program (VPP) applications and books to Apple iOS 7+ devices. The managed distribution model uses service tokens (also called sTokens) to retrieve your VPP contents and distribute them to devices using the UEM console.

Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > VPP Managed Distribution.

Setting Description

Enter your VPP Account ID.

Using your VPP Account ID as the description has several advantages:

  • Identifies the correct account if you use multiple sTokens.
  • Reminds you the correct account when you renew the sToken.
  • Identifies the correct account to others in your organization who take over managing the VPP account.
SToken Upload Select Upload to navigate to the sToken on your network.

Select where Workspace ONE UEM should validate the sToken.

This value reflects the region from where you bought content and ensures Workspace ONE UEM uploads the correct versions of your purchases.

When you sync your licenses, Workspace ONE UEM pulls the correct regional version of the content.

If Workspace ONE UEM cannot find the content in the app store from the region entered, Workspace ONE UEM automatically searches the iTunes App Store in the United States.

Automatically Send Invites

Send invitations to all the users immediately after you save the token. This is an invitation to join and register with Apple's VPP, so that users access the terms of use for participating in the program.

Use the Message Preview option to review the invitation.

Note: If your environment includes VPP applications set to the Assignment Type, Auto, then Workspace ONE UEM sends invitations no matter how you configure this option. This behavior facilitates quick access to applications upon enrollment.

Workspace ONE UEM automatically sends users of Apple iOS 7.0.3+ an invite command when you enable this option. It does not send them an email message.

You do not have to enable this immediately. You can leave it disabled and still upload your token. Return and enable this feature to send invitations to all the enrolled devices whose users have not yet accepted to join the VPP.

Message Template Select an email template for an email message invitation for Apple iOS devices on Apple iOS 7.0.0 through 7.0.2.