The Lookup Fields settings page lets on-premises customers create custom lookup fields from existing pre-created standard lookup fields. These lookup fields can then be used throughout the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Configure Lookup Fields settings by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Lookup Fields.

What can you do with the Workspace ONE UEM Lookup Fields settings page?

The Lookup Fields settings page allows you to:
  • Make a custom lookup field.
    • For example, you can make a custom lookup field that consists of an end user's initials. In this example, choose 'User Email User Name' for the Standard Lookup Field, then give it a Name like 'Initials', choose 'Regex Lookup' for the Custom Type and in Regular Expression, enter the regular expression code that extracts the first letters of the first and last names of your users. Depending on what the 'User Email User Name' field looks like, it might be (@"(\b[a-zA-Z])[a-zA-Z]* ?")

Upon a successful regex code expression with 'Return Result' selected, when you use the custom lookup field 'Initials,' in its place will be the user's initials: the first letter from their first name and the first letter from their last name.

All fields are required.

Setting Description
Standard Lookup Field Select from a list of pre-defined fields primarily used to identify either a user or a device.
Name Enter the name of the customization.
Description Enter a useful description of the customization to ease searching and record keeping.
Allow Inheritance Allow your search to include inherited child organization groups.
Custom Type Choose the mechanism of this customization, typically a regular expression (Regex).
Regular Expression This field only appears when 'Regex' is chosen from the Custom Type field. A regular expression is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching with strings, or string matching, i.e. "find and replace"-like operations.
On Match

Choose how the system should react when it discovers a match. Choose between Replace and Return Result.

The regular expression in the custom lookup field is applied once per user. For this reason, there cannot be more than one result.

Continuing the example cited above, when 'Return Result' is selected, the custom lookup value applies the regex to extract the user's initials and inserts these initials wherever the custom lookup value 'Initials' is used.

Replacement Value

This field only appears when 'Replace' is selected from the On Match field. The string entered here replaces the string discovered by the regular expression search.

Continuing the example cited above, if you opt to 'Replace', the initials it extracts from the regex are outright replaced. In this case, the custom lookup value 'Initials' serves as a blanket replacement: whatever the regex finds, it is replaced with the value you enter here.