As a Workspace ONE UEM admin, you can offer localized interaction with the Workspace ONE UEM console through the use of globalized message templates, EULAs and more. It allows you to offer a tailored, global experience to all of your users, regardless of language preference or location.

What can you do with the Language Activation settings page?

The path to the settings page on the UEM console is Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Localization > Language Activation.

With the Language Activation settings page, you can:
  • Activate the desired languages, then assign it as the default locale of an organization group for all users to see content in that language by default.

Inactive Locales

The inactive locales list provides all the locales that are currently not in use. To activate the locale of your choice, select the locale from the inactive locale list and move it to the Active Locale box.