From the List View page, you can view the detailed information on voice, messaging, data, and roaming of devices. Usage for voice, messages, and data that are registered into a pooled plan is indicated with a Pooled tag next to the data.

To view the voice, message, data, and roaming details, navigate to Telecom > List View. Telecom Foundational and Telecom Advanced users can view the Device Details page and List View discussed in this section. The available information between the two may differ.

The Exports button allows exporting the Usage and the Roaming details from the List View page in the CSV or XLSX format. The exported files are available for download on the Exports page.

The general columns for voice, messaging, data, and roaming tabs on the list view page are listed in the following table.
Column Description
Last Seen Displays the most recent date and the time during which the Workspace ONE UEM queried the device.
General Info Displays the Name of the device and ownership type.
User Displays user information including user name and email address.
Peak Voice (Min)*

Displays the number of minutes used during the configured Peak Voice Time Interval.

Message Displays the message usage of the device against the actual set limit.
Data (MB) Displays the data usage of the device against the actual set data usage limit.
Plan Details*

Displays the telecom plan assigned to the device.

*Telecom Advanced only.
The columns particular to the Roaming tab on the list view page are:
Column Description
Roaming Data Usage (MB) Displays the data usage
Roaming Status The status of the device while in roaming:
  • Unapproved Roaming – Devices marked with a are those devices which Workspace ONE UEM flags as roaming during the billing cycle and are not allowed to roam due to the selected plan attribute in the UEM console.
  • Not Roaming – Devices marked with a are those devices which are not flagged as roaming presently.

For more information about allowing (for Approved) or preventing (for Not Approved) devices from roaming, see Disabling Roaming (iOS), Default Roaming Settings Override (iOS), and Roaming Prevention (Android).

Current Country/Home Country

Displays the country where the device is connected.

Current Carrier/Home Carrier Displays the name of the service provider to which the device is connected.
Plan Details*

Shows which plan the listed device is assigned to.

*Telecom Advanced only.