Workspace ONE UEM allows you to subscribe to reports so that they are automatically generated and sent to you through email in your desired format at regular intervals of your choosing. You can configure your report subscription and distribute it.


  1. Locate the report for which you may like to configure a subscription.
  2. Select the icon to run the Report Subscriptions window.
  3. Enter the General information about the report and delivery email and then select Next.
    Field Description
    Description A brief description of the report or subscription.
    Render Format The desired format for the report output.
    Reply To The email address to use for report delivery.
    Subject The subject for the report delivery email.
    Message Body Enter a message for the report delivery email.
  4. Enter the parameters of the report as required and select Next.
  5. Configure the recurrence and range for the report and then select Next.
    • Recurrence - Select Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and specify the day and frequency of the recurrence.
    • Range - Enter the Start date and time and End By date and time. You can alternately select No End Date.
  6. Configure the report distribution list and select Save.
    Field Description
    Choose Roles Select the configured roles to automatically receive the report.
    Choose Users Select individual end users to automatically receive the report.
    Add Email

    Enter the email address of anyone external of Workspace ONE UEM to automatically receive the report.

    You can select the icon to add more external report recipient email addresses.

    Emails List Select a preconfigured email list to automatically receive the report.