Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch provides the Telecom Management solution to help you manage the individual policies for your mobile devices. Workspace ONE UEM offers two Telecom Management solutions, Telecom Foundational and Telecom Advanced.

Telecom Foundational solution is available as a standard feature of your Workspace ONE UEM console. Workspace ONE UEM preconfigures the data limits. Telecom Advanced solution provides more customization options. The Telecom Management capabilities for both foundational and advanced are detailed in the following table.

Functionality Foundational Advanced
List View
Telecom Device Details



This guide details the various functionalities of telecom management. As Telecom Advanced has more capabilities, this guide often discusses functionalities not available to Telecom Foundational users. To discuss the best Telecom management solution for your organization, contact the Workspace ONE UEM support.

Telecom Foundational

Telecom Foundational capabilities include the basic functionalities such as the ability to:

  • Track device data usage.
  • Control roaming such as the ability to deactivate the sync over the roaming.
  • View dashboard analytics.

Telecom Advanced

You can track telecom data in some ways using custom settings, profiles, and compliance policies from the UEM console such as:

  • Configure telecom plans with specific telecom data, voice, and messaging limits.
  • Assign plans manually or automatically to mobile assets based on multiple device attributes.
  • Configure telecom plans with the pooled usage for calls, messages, and data.
  • Perform compliance actions including end-user notifications, escalations, and device restrictions if usage limits are exceeded.

Supported Platforms for Telecom

Telecom monitoring and management capabilities differ based on the device model and the operating system. The device models and the operating systems on which Workspace ONE UEM supports telecom features are listed.

Additional information on specific telecom data features that Workspace ONE UEM supports on devices and operating system version pairings can be found within the UEM console.

Platform Platform Version Usage Tracked
Android 3.2+ Data
iOS 14+ Data

Limited support may be available for other devices or operating systems.

Refer to the User Guide of the relevant platform or contact Workspace ONE Support for more information.


Before getting started with the Workspace ONE UEM Telecom Management solution, you must know the prerequisites to streamline the process. These prerequisites help you to experience the benefits of the product.

  • Telecom management can be activated only in your topmost organization group.
  • In iOS and Android devices, the samples from the devices are sent through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
Note: The telecom sampler app and the voice and SMS usage tracking is no longer supported on Android (Legacy) devices or on Android Enterprise devices on any OS version. Only data usage is tracked through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. The voice and SMS tracking reached End of General Support on March 31st, 2022. For more information see the VMware knowledge base article, End of support for Android Voice and SMS Usage Tracking in Telecom Management.

More information on the telecom management is explained in the following sections.

A Note About iOS Devices Reporting Data Usage

If you configure Telecom Management in the UEM console and then enroll the iOS devices, then the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub immediately starts reporting the data usage under device details.

However, if iOS devices are enrolled first, and then you configure the Telecom Management, then the end user must select the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub from their device to receive the new settings. If the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is not running on the device, then the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub must be launched to receive the new settings and to start collecting the Telecom usage data.

A best practice is to turn on the Background App Refresh setting in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple iOS > Hub Settings). This setting ensures the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, when running as a background app on the device, checks into the UEM console regularly. The regular check-in ensures that the settings are updated and Telecom usage data is collected. The end user is not required to launch the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub . If the user closes the app or the device is rebooted, then the app must be relaunched to remain in the background.

Querying or reporting of the cellular data usage follows a frequency of once per day only.