Telecom Foundational users cannot configure and assign telecom plans. Workspace ONE UEM pre-configures the usage limits, and can be viewed in the Dashboard. Contact Workspace ONE UEM support to discuss the best Telecom solution for your organization.

Individual and Pooled Plans

You can configure telecom plans for individual or pooled usage. You can view the plan type when you create or edit a plan, and when you view the usage details. When you create limits for individual plans, the usage limits apply to the assigned device.

For example, if you set the voice limit to 1,000 minutes, then that may mean 1,000 minutes per device registered within the plan. Pooled plans share usage for all devices that are registered. If you set a voice limit of 1,000 minutes, then all devices registered shares these minutes. Individual and pooled plans can be configured for voice, message, and data plan limits.