This section describes the procedure to add a file to the printer from the UEM console.


  1. Select Devices > Peripherals > Settings > Files.
  2. Select Add New File and select the TOSHIBA icon.
  3. Enter the name and description for file in respective fields.
  4. Select the Assignment Type down-arrow button and select Optional. If you want to execute Install File automatically after you added a file, select Auto.
  5. Click the Assigned Smart Groups field and select a smart group for which you want to execute Install File.
  6. Select File, and then click Configure.

  7. Type a file name in the File Name field and a file version in the File Version field.

    • If the extension of the file is .bas, include it in the file name. For example, if you upload the filename Z-EP-M00A.BAS, then enter the full Z-EP-M00A.BAS filename including the three-letter extension in the file name field.

    • The File Version means the firmware version of the file.

  8. Select Upload and select Browse….. Indicate the file which you want to use and select the Open button.

  9. Select Save & Publish. Confirm that the file is newly added.