This section describes the procedure to create CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in the print server.


  1. Select Start, and click Run…, the RUN prompt appears.

  2. Type inetmgr in the Open field and select OK.

  3. Select the host name icon on the left-hand screen. Select the Server Certificates icon and then select Open Feature.

  4. Select the Create Certificate Request option.

  5. Enter the necessary details in the form and click Next.
    Note: Regarding the detail about the entry, please refer to your SSL certificate provider website. SSL certificate provider means provider such as Verisign, GlobalSign, and Cybertrust.
    • Common name – Enter Host name or Global IP address of your print server.
    • Organization – Enter your company name.
    • Organizational unit – Enter your division name in your office.
    • City/locality – Enter the name of city or locality in which your office is located.
    • State/province – Enter the name of state or province in which your office is located.
    • Country/region – Select abbreviation of country in which your office is located.
  6. Select the Bit length drop-down menu and choose bit length as 2048 and select the button shown in the following screen.

  7. Choose the location to save CSR file. Provide a file name for CSR and Select Finish.