The sample scenarios described in this chapter offer a few different possibilities for migrating to VMware Tunnel .These scenarios are general examples and might not exactly capture your situation, it is expected that VMware Tunnel can be implemented with little to no downtime for users.

Migrating from a Third-Party Full Device VPN to Per-App VMware Tunnel

As VMware Tunnel is a per-app VPN provider, it always take precedence over full-device VPNs configured on the device. Once VMware Tunnel is configured on the device, it is recommended to remove all the other configurations.

Migrating from a Third-Party Per-App VPN to Per-App VMware Tunnel

If you are using another per-app VPN provider, then all the applications need to be migrated over from the previous provider to VMware Tunnel.Once VMware Tunnel is configured and the profiles are pushed to the devices, you can flip the assignment to switch users from the previous VPN provider to VMware Tunnel.

Migrating from Proxy App Tunnel to Tunnel SDK

If you are migrating from VMware Tunnel- Proxy to Tunnel SDK (Per-App Tunnel) and want to retain the domains that are configured for tunneling, then configure the same domains in the Device Traffic Rules for VMware Tunnel. For more information, see Configure App Tunnel for the Default SDK Profile.