You can use the proxy tool if VMware Tunnel routes its outbound requests through an outbound proxy that has rules set in a PAC file that also requires authentication.


If you are deploying VMware Tunnel with Unified Access Gateway, complete the following steps:
  • To use the PAC file, edit the file and change the PROXY_SEARCH_STRATEGY to 2.
  • Uncomment the PAC_URL and enter the PAC file URL or the absolute path of the PAC file on the VMware Tunnel server.


  1. Within Linux CLI mode, navigate to /opt/vmware/tunnel/proxy/tools.
  2. Convert the proxy tool to an executable file by using the following command:
    chmod a+x
  3. Run proxy-tools by using the following command:
    sudo sh
  4. Select your authentication method, which can be None, Basic, or NTLM for a single service account. Also enter your credentials, if applicable, and the URI of the proxy for testing.
  5. Select Save.
  6. To restart the Proxy service, run the following command : sudo systemctl restart proxy.service.

What to do next

After saving, run the following command to check if the proxy settings is updated correctly:

cat /opt/vmware/tunnel/proxy/conf/proxy-credentials.xml