Read through the following section to know more about the supported platforms and considerations of each of the platforms.

Supported Console Versions

VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel works with all the supported versions of VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Supported Platforms

VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel supports iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows 10. The following table outlines the requirements for each of the supported platforms.

Platform Requirements
iOS iOS 10.3+
macOS macOS 10.12+
Android Android 5.0+
Windows 10 Windows 10 Build 17.04+

Android Considerations

  • After installing VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel for Android, end users must run the application at least once and accept the connection request.
  • The key icon in the notification center displays on the device because there is an application installed that uses the Per application VPN functionality. This icon does not indicate an active connection or session with the VMware Tunnel server. The key icon displays even if you are not actively browsing.
  • Certain Android devices allow end users to disable the VPN on an OS level. This prevents the VMware Tunnel from working on the device.

Windows 10 Considerations for the UWP application

  • After installing VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel for Windows 10, end users must accept an alert the first time they start an application that triggers VMware Tunnel.
  • When using Windows 10 devices, ensure that your DNS server does not use 192.168.x.x IP as this address is used by the VMware Tunnel Server to assign the IPs to clients (mobile devices). This setting is a configurable setting in server.conf.
  • VMware Tunnel shows as configured when the profile or certificates are successfully installed on Desktop for user profiles. Device profiles for desktop and Windows Phones rely on the successful installation of a profile certificate only.
  • To enable functionality for the Windows devices, make sure that you add NAT to the vpn_mode setting in the server.conf and restart services.

Windows 10 Considerations for the Desktop application

  • Make sure that the Windows desktop application either uses Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for enrollment or is pushed down from the UEM console. For more information, see Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Windows enrollment documentation.
  • Windows 10 desktop application requires device traffic rules for defining managed applications and domain filtering.

iOS and macOS Considerations

End users who are using the VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel on iOS and macOS must download and install VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel from the application Store. After installing it, end users have to run it at least once and accept the User Permission prompt.

Note: Make sure that you enforce a strong device passcode and device encryption on all your devices. These settings provide an added layer of security. For more information on configuring these settings on each of the platforms, refer to the platform-specific guides.