After ensuring that your servers meets all the proper requirements, configuring VMware Tunnel settings in the UEM console, and downloading the installer to your Windows server, you can run the installer to enable the service.


  • Download the installer onto the server. The link in the UEM console directs you to AirWatch Resources to download the installer.
  • Download the config.xml file from the UEM console onto the server.

For Relay-Endpoint configurations, you must perform VMware Tunnel Proxy installation on both the Relay and Endpoint servers. The steps listed here assume that you are first installing it on the Relay server.

If a previous version of VMware Tunnel Proxy is installed, the installer auto-detects it and offers the option to upgrade to the latest version.


  1. Open the installer executable on the Relay VMware Tunnel Proxy server and then select Next.
  2. Accept the End User License Agreement and then select Next.
  3. Specify the destination for the downloaded VMware Tunnel Proxy installation files and then select Next.
  4. Select Browse and select the config.xml file downloaded from the UEM console. Then select Next.
  5. Select the Relay button to install VMware Tunnel Proxy on the Relay server.
  6. Enter the Certificate Password you created in the UEM console and then select Next.
  7. Click Install to begin VMware Tunnel Proxy installation on the server.
  8. Click Finish to close the installer.