You can unassign a smart group from an application, book, policy, profile, or product. This action removes the associated content from all devices in the smart group.


  1. To unassign smart groups from applications, books, compliance policies, device profiles, or product provisions. Follow the navigation paths shown.
    • Native Apps – Navigate to Resources > Apps > Native and select the Public, or Internal tab.
    • SaaS Apps – Navigate to Resources > Apps > SaaS and select the Public, or Internal tab.
    • Books – Navigate to Resources > Books > List View and select the Public, Internal, or Web tab.
    • Compliance Policy – Navigate to Devices > Compliance Policies > List View.
    • Device Profile – Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles.
    • Product Provision – Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Product List View.
  2. Locate the content or setting from the listing and select the Edit icon The edit icon is shaped like a gray pencil. from the actions menu.
  3. Select the Assignment tab or locate the Smart Groups text box.
  4. Select Delete (X) next to the smart group that you want to unassign. This action does not delete the smart group. It simply removes the smart group assignment from the saved setting.
  5. Follow the required steps to Save your changes.