After your users and user groups are in place, you can view all user information regarding user details, associated devices, and interactions.

Access user information from any location in the Workspace ONE UEM console where the user name is displayed, including each of the following pages in the console.

  • User Group Members (Accounts > User Groups > Details View > More > View Users)
  • Users List View (Accounts > Users > List View)
  • Administrators List View (Accounts > Administrators > List View).

The User Details page is a single-page view.

  • All associated user groups.
  • All Devices associated with the user over time and a link to all enrolled devices.
  • All devices a user has checked-out in a Shared Device Environment and a link to complete check-in/check-out device history.
  • All device- and user-specific event logs.
  • All assigned, accepted, and declined Terms of Use.