The Admin Groups List View page in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch features useful tools for common user group maintenance and upkeep. Such upkeep includes adding, viewing, merging, and deleting user groups and missing users.

View this page by navigating to Accounts > Administrators > Admin Groups.

Display the Edit Admin Group page by selecting the hypertext name in the Group Name column of the list view. Use this page to change the name of the admin group. You can also add and remove roles that are applicable to group members. For more information, see Admin Roles.

Display the Admin Group Members listing by selecting the hypertext link number in the Admin column. This listing shows you the names of all the administrators in the admin group.

Access the following actions and maintenance functions by selecting the radio button next to the group name.

Action Description
Sync Copy recently added admin group users to the temporary table, manually, ahead of the scheduled, automated Active Directory sync by Workspace ONE UEM.
More Actions
View and Merge View, Add, and Remove users recently added to the temporary admin group table. Admin group administrators that appear in this table await the automated Workspace ONE UEM admin group sync.
Delete Delete an admin group.
Top, Up, Down, Bottom You can edit the ranking of each admin group as it appears in the listing. Moving the groups in this way is useful for when you have more admin groups than a single page can display.
Add Missing Users. Combine the temporary admin group table with the Active Directory table, making the addition of these new admins in the group official.