The Admin Panel provides an overview of module license information and deployed Workspace ONE ™ UEM components. The Admin Panel contains a summary of licenses condensed into two separate sections, Active Products and Deployed Components.

Access the Admin Panel by navigating to Monitor > Admin Panel. The Admin Panel can only be accessed from a Customer organization group. For more information, see Organization Group Type Functions.

Active Products in the Admin Panel

The Active Products section confirms the license validity of features included in your deployment such as Browser, Container, Mobile Device Management, App Catalog, and more. For each feature you can see the total number of licenses, the license model, and the license type.

Deployed Components in the Admin Panel

The Deployed Components section features a panel for every enabled component at the customer organization group, each reporting the connectivity status.

  • VMware Enterprise Systems Connector
  • Secure Email Gateway
  • VMware Tunnel

You can select the refresh button () to refresh the connectivity status of the individual enabled component. You can also select the settings button () to display the systems setting page that corresponds to the enabled component.