The App and Profile Monitor provides a quick method for tracking the recent deployment of apps and profiles to your devices. The monitor displays historical data on the deployment process and the install status of the app or profile on devices.

The App and Profile Monitor tracks the status of app and profile deployments to your end-user devices. The monitor only tracks apps and profiles deployed in the past 15 days. This data allows you to see the status of your deployments and diagnose any issues.

When you search for an app or profile, a card containing the deployment data is added to the App and Profile Monitor view. You can only display five cards at a time. These cards remain added until you log out. Any cards must be added again when you log in again.

The Historical section only shows the past seven days of data. It shows the number of devices reporting the Done status for deployment. The Current Deployment section shows the device deployment status.

If you see an Incomplete status, select the number next to the status to see a Device List View of all devices reporting the status. This feature lets you examine devices with issues so you can troubleshoot your deployment.

The App and Profile Monitor only tracks deployments started after upgrading to Workspace ONE ™ UEM v9.2.1+. If you deployed the app or profile before upgrading, the monitor does not track any data on the deployment.